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What makes an E2 culture?

EcomElite Culture

Work hard, play hard
Exercise for improving health.
Articulating a persuasive viewpoint.
Seriousness and responsibility towards work.
Extracurricular activities, sharing outside of professional expertise.
Work hard, play hard.

Work hard-Play hard

The entire company is ready for a picnic in 15 minutes, and that is an example of how outside of work, E2 members are also very enthusiastic about having fun, and once they engage in activities, they give it their all.

Chill in Coc lake
Chill in Coc lake
The culture of healthy life

Your health is the future of EcomElite

Daily exercise and extracurricular activities for members to compete and improve their health are an integral part of the EcomElite family.

Helping to reduce office-related illnesses.
Refreshing yourself after long hours of stressful work.
Building willpower and fostering perseverance.
Building resilience and cultivating positive thinking.
The culture of sharing.

Sharing experiences.

Be yourself, not someone else. Here, we always listen to your story. Every week, we have a theme for sharing that helps E2 members gain more social knowledge and provides an opportunity to share stories while working at E2.
By fostering a culture of sharing, you will also become more confident in your communication skills. There is nothing better than working and developing soft skills simultaneously.


And there's so much more...

EcomElite recognizes that culture is an integral part of a thriving business, and we believe that every day at work should be enjoyable. If you are interested in experiencing this, don't forget to submit your CV to EcomElite. We look forward to hearing from you and potentially welcoming you to our team.